Birth Day: 1972-09-16

Place of birth: Quebec, Canada

Alexandria Rice is a Mohawk Aboriginal Canadian; an active, proud member of the Kahnawake First Nation. Though Alex was born in Quebec, she spent the majority of her childhood in Brooklyn, New York among a community of Mohawk iron workers, where she trained to become a professional dancer. Little did she know that her life would change forever when she landed a part in an educational video produced at her grammar school. She discovered her true passion-acting. Since then, Rice has successfully worked in the world of entertainment where she is best known for the role of Janet Pete. In addition to mainstream television credits for guest-starring-roles, Alex has also starred in several critically acclaimed independent features. Special honors and awards include the Motion Pictures Award presented by the American Indian Film Institute for Best Actress (2003) for her reprisal of Janet Pete in Coyote Waits and the First American Award (2005) for her work in A Thief In Time, presented by the First Americans in the Arts Committee.