Birth Day: 2006-07-08

Place of birth: London, UK

Isabella Sermon is a British-Born Actress who is 15 years old, made her presence known to the world by being "Masie Lockwood" in 2018's Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and 2022's Jurassic World Dominion. Isabella Sermon (aka "Izzy") has 2 siblings younger than her (she is the eldest of three) and has a Mother and a Father whos name is unknown to the public. Isabella Sermon has a limited Social Media page called "iamizzysermon" with HUNDREDS of fan accounts and imposters. She currently has no Twitter or Facebook, neither a YouTube page. Those are fan accounts. Recent estimates of her height range from 4'8" to 5' 8" both unrealistic since there is no solid evidence. Our best estimates for her height is 4'10" and her weight (as of 2018) is 40kg.