Birth Day: --

Place of birth: Reno, Nevada

During a performance of a play in Santa Barbara, Julianna was “discovered” by film director, Martin Denning. He asked her to come down to Hollywood and audition for the suits at Paramount Studios for their first ever CD Rom game of Star Trek. She booked the role and was able to get her SAG card, work side by side with the original Star Trek cast (and wear the original wardrobes from the show) and she made enough money to send herself to school abroad in London for a summer to study Shakespeare with the RSC. Since living in LA she has performed in countless plays, short films, TV shows and she’s also been the lead in a few award winning independent feature films (Wasting Away aka Aaah Zombies! Nun and The Funeral Guest). For her role of Emily in The Funeral Guest (available on Amazon) she won a best actress award from LA Indie Film Fest and she was nominated for a best actress award at Hoboken International Film Fest for her role of Sister Gracie Rose in Nun. Julianna has written and produced a couple of comedic shorts but The Party is Julianna’s directorial debut.