Birth Day: 1928-02-09

Place of birth: Alliance, Ohio, USA

Dick Balduzzi had one of those faces that kept him employed. He was never famous, but he worked pretty consistently from 1957 until retiring in 1990. Dick worked primarily in episode television but he made several movies as well: Pete 'n Tillie (as a party guest), Under The Yum Yum Tree, Cocaine & Blue Eyes (bartender), Coma (maintenance man), The Postman Always Rings Twice (sign man #1), Zorro, Carpool, Johnny Dangerously (as a prisoner), and Kelly's Heroes (as a private). He retired in 1990. He was married since 1959 to Phyllis Jarzembski. They had one daughter, Judy, and four grandchildren. Dick Balduzzi died after a fall in his home. He was 91 years old.