Birth Day: 1918-12-08

Place of birth: Oslo, Norway

Carsten Byhring (born December 8, 1918 in Christiania, died April 6, 1990) was a Norwegian actor on stage, in television and in film. His career started in high school, when he performed a small pantomimer with comedic content. The cabaret scene he debuted in 1941, by Søilen Theatre in Oslo. In the period 1947-1959 he was employed at the cabaret scene Chat Noir, but made many guest appearances at the Central Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, the Norwegian Opera and Oslo Nye Teater. Byhring appeared often in dramatic roles but was best known for his comedic talent, and he focused in particular monologue genre. He has released several classic character performances, his interpretation of Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion is among his most famous. He had many film roles, but especially he is remembered as Kjell in the first 13 "Olsenbanden" films. He also produced and directed two films for children - Bear Patrol (1956) and On cruises with Terna (1958). Byhring was the older brother of Svein Byhring. In his last interview - which was made by See and Hear the spring of 1990 - said a parent with cancer Carsten Byhring that he had been a large consumer of cigarettes since he was 14. Yet he was unable to put away South State-cigarettes. "But I have at least begun to smoke filter cigarettes," he said humorously to See and Hear the interview. Shortly thereafter, Carsten Byhring away - he died of cancer 6 April 1990, aged 72. (Wikipedia)