The Shoes of the Fisherman

The Shoes of the Fisherman All eyes focus on the Vatican, watching for the traditional puffs of white smoke that signal the election of the next Pope. This time much more is at stake. The new pontiff may be the only person who can bring peace to a world on the brink of nuclear nightmare.

Average Score : 68

In a last desperate effort to prevent World War III, a secret meeting is arranged. One man is called upon to succeed where all the world leaders have failed. That man was once a prisoner in a Russian labor camp. He is now the Pope.

Status: Released

Release Date: 1968-11-14

Geners Drama Thriller

Production Companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cinecittà

Production Countries United States of America,

Run time: 162 minutes

Budget: $6,700,000

Revenue: --