Sandok, il Maciste della giungla

Sandok, il Maciste della giungla In British colonial India, Lt. Dick Ramsay is charged with secretly rescuing the kidnapped daughter of the British viceroy of India and her fiancée, a fellow British officer from a cult of murderers who worship a white elephant. While on his mission he meets Princess Dhara and her man servant and protector, Parvati Sandok. Princess Dhara's brother has also been taken captive by the Cult of the White Elephant. Princess Dhara and Parvati Sandok aid Lt. Ramsay in his mission to free the captives and put an end to the cult's reign of terror.

Average Score : 60

Status: Released

Release Date: 1964-03-28

Geners Action Adventure Drama

Production Companies Capitole Films Filmes

Production Countries France,Italy,

Run time: 85 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --