7 dní hříchů

7 dní hříchů This story actually happened in the region around the city of Sumperk in Jeseniky Mountains in May 1945. The disappearance of Agnes, the German wife of a Czech forester Jan Olsan is a dark mystery. She is the only one who knows who and for what reason is looking for her. It's the end of the war, times are bad and the Czechs are coming back from the inland to the frontier. The guards are forming and soldiers are coming. Fate brings together the outlaw Jan and his German brother-in-law Jurgen who has just returned from the eastern front line. Both men are looking for exactly the same woman and that is Agnes. But Agnes escaped; she is running away through the deep woods followed by the most powerful man of the county. Running away for what she had witnessed. The fatality of the relationship between Agnes and Jan can only be learned in the mountains on this thorny journey.

Average Score : 55

Status: Released

Release Date: 2012-11-01

Geners Drama

Production Companies DP Film Česká televize Filmpark Production Bio Art Production

Production Countries Czech Republic,Slovakia,

Run time: 107 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --

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