Il Rosa Nudo

Il Rosa Nudo Among the millions of victims of the Nazi madness during the Second World War, Pierre Seel was charged with homosexuality and imprisoned in the Schirmeck concentration camp. He survived this terrifying experience of torture and humiliation, and after the war he married, had three children, and tried to live a normal life. In 1982, however, he came to terms with his past and his true nature and decided to publicly reveal what he and thousands of other homosexuals branded with the Pink Triangle had undergone during the Nazi regime. Il Rosa Nudo (Naked Rose), inspired by the true story of Pierre Seel, depicts in a theatrical and evocative way the Homocaust, focusing on the scientific theories of SS Physician Carl Peter Værnet for the treatment of homosexuality, which paved the way for the Nazi persecution of gay men.

Average Score : 42

"There came a moment when I realized that liberation, the true one, was for the others" - Pierre Seel

Status: Released

Release Date: 2013-04-24

Geners Documentary Drama

Production Companies V-Art Festival Labor Cinema ReindeerCatSolutions

Production Countries Italy,

Run time: 71 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --


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