Punk Can Take It

Punk Can Take It Julien Temple's wartime documentary parody "Punk Can Take It" (1979) - a theatrically released promo for the UK Subs, complete with narration by BBC voice-over veteran John Snagge - paints a glorious picture of England in a punk rock "identity crisis". Punk morale was higher than ever before. Punks were fused together not by fear, but by a surging spirit of revenge, immortality, and the courage never to submit or yield. This proved that punk won't go away and that punks themselves are becoming younger and nastier everyday. They have no time for the precarious thrills of nostalgia nor for its trivial rules.

Average Score : 60

Status: Released

Release Date: 1979-12-30

Geners Comedy War Documentary Music

Production Companies Kendon Films Ltd. Boyd's Company GTO

Production Countries United Kingdom,

Run time: 19 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --

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