Sword of the Avenger

Sword of the Avenger Roberto Balagtas is falsely arrested for treason and sent to prison where he is tortured. He escapes with other prisoners, but only Batagtas survives the escape, carrying with him a treasure map left by one of the others. He crosses paths with Ming Tang (Strong) and a group of Chinese smugglers, with whom he finds the treasure. The booty makes him extremely wealthy, and he changes his name to Don Diego Sebastian. He then goes back to the Philippines to seek his revenge.

Average Score : 80

HIS SWORD STRIKES... to avenge the woman cruelly torn from his arms!

Status: Released

Release Date: 1948-06-02

Geners Adventure Romance

Production Companies United Phillipine Artists

Production Countries United States of America,Philippines,

Run time: 76 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --