La maison d'en face

La maison d'en face A man of integrity, Monsieur Pic is the accountant beyond reproach of the Banque Universelle. He would not dream of doing anything wrong and everybody knows it. He is therefore justly indignant when a wealthy woman offers him the position of administrator in the whorehouse she is opening soon. But only fools never change their minds and if Monsieur Pic finally accepts the position in the house across the Banque Universelle, he has three good reasons for that: first he does not get the promotion he deserved ; second, his son Albert is hired by Madame Anna as a decorator ; third, Hortense, his daughter has expressed the wish to "work" there too. The good point is that, once in the place, Pic will be rewarded for what he is worth. Even more important, the unfortunate father will be able there to keep a close eye on his two wayward children and protect them from temptation.

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Status: Released

Release Date: 1937-01-29


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Run time: 95 minutes

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