Arènes joyeuses

Arènes joyeuses Cabissol, the Mayor of Martigues, a town in the South of France, wishes to organize a bullfight as part of the coming festivities. But that is not counting on Escopette, an opponent of bullfighting, who kidnaps the bulls. What further complicates things is that the appointed bullfighter, Chico de Granada, takes the French leave with Violette, one of Cabissol's daughters. As a measure of retaliation, Cabissol decides to force Escopette to replace Chico in the arena. Fortunately, Rémy, the head herdsman, comes to his rescue. Finally, everything goes well and Cabissol is so happy that he gives Rémy the hand of Marguerite, his other daughter.

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Release Date: 1935-12-20


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Run time: 108 minutes

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