Masihkah Ada Raya Buatku

Masihkah Ada Raya Buatku Ever since Zul got married, he stops celebrating Hari Raya. Linda suffered stroke which paralyzed her body. Zul devoted his life entirely to maintaining his wife and raising his children as well as performing various day-to-day jobs to support his family. Occasionally Linda wanted to fast just like before, but Zul did not allow. Worrying it will affect Linda's health. Sometimes Zul complains and feels his wife just needs to sit at home so that she does not bother him and the children too much. However, his young children did not understand the suffering that Zul is experiencing and they tried to bring back the joy despite being strictly prohibited by their father.

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Status: Released

Release Date: 2019-06-01

Geners Drama

Production Companies Kl Motion Picture Sdn Bhd

Production Countries Malaysia,

Run time: --

Budget: --

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