Wakaf Dosa

Wakaf Dosa Bakri Zain played by Dato 'Rosyam Nor - is a senior actor who has won many awards and his livelihood has never stopped. His life is complete with a happy family. At the same time Danial Muhaimin (Izzue Islam) is a famous actor who starts to envy Bakri when often compared. Daniel got even angrier when the film festival had to pull out his name and choose Bakri Zain as the candidate for the best male actor category. From then on, jealous envy began to appear in Danial. Danial's heart was getting blacker. His feelings of jealousy towards Bakri overflowed so much that he hated Bakri. he planned something so that popularity would be in his favor. He wants the people to admire him as much as the people like Bakri. This drama is full of emotions and lessons, we need to take it as a lesson because it happens a lot on social media without us realizing it. Allahu… May we as a family be kept away from such a tragedy. Amen ..

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Status: Released

Release Date: 2019-06-08

Geners Drama Family

Production Companies Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd

Production Countries Malaysia,

Run time: 90 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --

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