LA LA Land

LA LA Land What happens when a dim-witted New York Italian guy moves to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune? LA LA Land is the story of relentless Mikey Forearms, and his partner in stupidity Johnny, as they chase the dream and stumble their way through Hollywood's back doors. Armed with confidence if not talent, Mikey is anxious to get his career underway. Mikey unleashes himself on casting directors, but none of them appreciate his "acting chops". In the pilot episode he is offered a job that is not exactly what he had in mind. Following Johnny's suggestion, he meets Super Agent Jerry Flaxman and Big Shot Producer Alan Gilstein. Flaxman and Gilstein think they've found the perfect pawn for their game, but maybe Mikey is not as dumb as he looks. Can he get his lucky break in LA LA Land?

Average Score : 55

Status: Released

Release Date: 2008-03-07

Geners Comedy

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Run time: 26 minutes

Budget: --

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