Autobiography With his father in prison and his brother abroad for work, young Rakib works as the lone housekeeper in an empty mansion belonging to Purna, a retired general whose family Rakib’s clan have served for centuries in a rural Indonesian town. After Purna returns home to start his mayoral election campaign, Rakib bonds with the older man, who becomes a close mentor and father figure, and finds his calling as Purna’s assistant in work and life. When Purna’s election poster is found vandalised one day, Rakib doesn’t hesitate to track down the culprit, kicking off an escalating chain of violence.

Average Score : 83.33

A young man torn between loyalty and justice confronts the truth of his father figure that may destroy them both.

Status: Released

Release Date: 2023-01-19

Geners Drama Thriller Crime

Production Companies NiKo Film Staron Film In Vivo Films PŌTOCOL KawanKawan Media Purin Pictures Partisipasi Indonesia FOCUSED equipment

Production Countries France,Germany,Indonesia,Philippines,Poland,Qatar,Singapore,

Run time: 115 minutes

Budget: $362,932

Revenue: --