99 francs

99 francs Paris, France, 2001. Octave Parango, a young advertiser working at the Ross & Witchcraft advertising agency, lives a suicidal existence, ruled by cynicism, irresponsibility and debauchery. The obstacles he will encounter in developing a campaign for a new yogurt brand will force him to face the meaning of his work and the way he manages his relationship with those who orbit around his egotistic lifestyle.

Average Score : 66

Status: Released

Release Date: 2007-09-26

Geners Drama Comedy

Production Companies Pathé Distribution Légende Films ARTE France Cinéma Canal+ CinéCinéma Poste Image Cofimage 18 Uni Etoile 4

Production Countries France,

Run time: 105 minutes

Budget: $13,442,285

Revenue: $12,500,000