Hantu Ke Lima

Hantu Ke Lima Tells the story of Auni Qaisara Putri seeking refuge after being persecuted by her stepmother Puan Sri Zaleha in a loss -making share investment scheme. Puncak Mahligai is a luxurious residence left by Auni's late father which is preserved by Iskandar Syah and his wife, Kam keeps a thousand and one mysteries. TKO Studio run by Taufiq, Kent and Dya is in decline and they agreed to work with Puan Sri Zaleha in promoting Puncak Mahligai to attract investors. Yet they are confronted with various mystical events. Auni Qaisara Putri will preserve the only memories with her late father and mother at Puncak Mahligai.

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Status: Released

Release Date: 2021-10-07


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