The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard Disgraced pro football quarterback Paul Crewe lands in a Texas federal penitentiary, where manipulative Warden Hazen recruits him to advise the institution's football team of prison guards. Crewe suggests a tune-up game which lands him quarterbacking a crew of inmates in a game against the guards. Aided by incarcerated ex-NFL coach and player Nate Scarborough, Crewe and his team must overcome not only the bloodthirstiness of the opposition, but also the corrupt warden trying to fix the game against them.

Average Score : 66.49

If you can't get out, get even.

Status: Released

Release Date: 2005-05-27

Geners Drama Comedy Crime

Production Companies Callahan Filmworks Paramount MTV Films Columbia Pictures Happy Madison Productions

Production Countries United States of America,

Run time: 113 minutes

Budget: $82,000,000

Revenue: $190,300,000